Completed Projects

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Webs of Safety and Care for women peacebuilders

A partnership between UAF-Asia Pacific and WPSO-Afghanistan to provide digital safety and other support to WPSO teams and The Local Women Peacebuilders Network in different provinces of Afghanistan. Direct beneficiaries: 60 Indirect beneficiaries: 300

2022-09-16 14:54:02

Partnership and capacity building for WPSO staff

Madre provides technical and programmatic support to WPSO-Afghanistan staff and the Network of Local Women Peacebuilders in Afghanistan. Direct beneficiaries: 191 Indirect beneficiaries: 955

2022-09-16 15:13:28

Afghanistan Rapid Response II (Providing non-food items)

Humanitarian support to women led households in 5 districts of Paktya and Khost provinces in the aftermath of the 2021 earthquake that resulted in the loss of life and destruction of family homes of thousands of inhabitants of that region. WPSO’s comparative advantage to reach rural communities lie in its vast network of women peacebuilders active in those provinces. Direct beneficiaries: 177 Indirect beneficiaries: 1239

2022-09-16 15:14:05

Afghanistan Rapid Response I (Providing food packages)

WPSO provided humanitarian emergency response to the women who are the head of family, widow, and people with disabilities in Maidan Wardak, Helmad, Nimroz, and Ghor provinces. This project focused on providing the needs of families with food items and to survive the economic challenges. The results are as following: Direct beneficiaries: 300 families Indirect beneficiaries: 1500 families

2022-09-16 15:15:39

Psychosocial support of women and girls

WPSO provided Psychosocial Group Healing dialogues for women and girls. The dialogues provide a safe space for women and girls to discuss their concerns and get coping strategies to deal with growing mental health challenges in women and girls as a result of the continued restrictions on their lives. Direct beneficiaries: 540 Indirect beneficiaries: 2200

2022-09-16 15:16:22

Women Watching Peace Phase II

WPSO through its Local Women Peacebuilders Networks provided psychosocial and self-help home-based classes for 840 women and girls in 6 provinces providing psychosocial support topics. This training provide essential skills and knowledge for these women to be able to deal with their mental health challenges and how they can deal with it. Direct beneficiaries: 840 Indirect beneficiaries: 5880

2023-04-09 07:25:03